Options After Your Child Has Been Injured In A Car Accident

In the aftermath of an auto accident in which your child has been injured, there are so many things to worry about.

"How will we pay for our child's medical bills?"

"Will recovery from this accident interfere in my child's education?"

"Will the injuries my child suffered be permanent? Will they limit his or her career choices?"

"How will my child cope with permanent injury or disfigurement from this accident?"

It is very difficult to navigate the world of personal injury compensation after an auto accident, and when a child is the injured party, things can be even more complex and confusing. I am attorney Bill Galione, and my firm, The Galione Law Firm, P.A., focuses on representing clients whose children are victims of an accident.

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How Children Are Affected By Auto Accidents

A child can be damaged by a car accident on a number of different levels. They can suffer:

  • PTSD or emotional distress related to the wreck
  • Broken bones
  • Brain injury or spinal cord injury
  • Limitations on sports and activities
  • Permanent disability, requiring ongoing care

The injuries that a child suffers during a motor vehicle accident can be life-altering for them. Permanent limitations may be placed on their physical or cognitive potential, and this may force changes in career plans or other aspirations.

If your child was killed in a car accident, I will also represent you in the wrongful death claim.

Strong Personal Injury Claims Involving Children

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the auto accident, your child may have a strong personal injury claim. If he or she was a passenger in a car involved in an accident, they cannot be held at fault for the incident, and Florida's policy of comparative fault would not apply to their claim. If your child was a pedestrian, or was riding a bicycle, scooter or skateboard at the time of the accident, filing a personal injury lawsuit with the help of a lawyer may be the best avenue for recovering damages. If the accident was due to car defects, a product liability case may also be viable.

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