Who Is Responsible For My Child’s Playground Injuries?

When a child suffers an injury at school on a playground, a carefree moment of recreation is transformed into a tragic, possibly life-altering, moment. Special rules govern the liability of public entities like public schools, but it is possible to recover compensation for your child's playground injuries.

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Can I Sue A Public School In A Playground Injury Claim?

Public schools in Florida, like many governmental or quasi-governmental bodies, are protected by what is known as "sovereign immunity." This concept protects government subdivisions from lawsuits, except under special conditions.

The good news is that the sovereign immunity protection that school districts enjoy is frequently waived if a personal injury lawsuit plaintiff can prove that negligence was involved in the injury. Your family may be able to sue for your child's playground accident if it was the result of:

  • Teacher negligence in supervision or security of the area
  • Activities during a physical education class that took place on the playground
  • Dangerous playground equipment
  • Poor upkeep of the property leading to a slip-and-fall accident

It is important to note that most public school districts have very specific "notice of claim" procedures that must be followed before a lawsuit will be allowed in court. The Galione Law Firm, P.A., has handled many of these types of procedures, and I can guide you through this process, so you may preserve your ability to file a lawsuit later.

Injuries Due To Defective Equipment

Beyond suing the school for a playground injury, if the incident revolves around a defect in the play equipment or other elements of the structure of the playground, filing a product liability case may also be an option. Plaintiffs and their lawyers may sue for defects in design, manufacture or warning labels that led to a child's injury.

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