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Home playground negligence can lead to premises liability issues

The idea of having a backyard playground set is attractive to many parents. However, responsible setup and supervision of these playgrounds is critical for the safety and entertainment of the children playing. There are a few things Florida parents should consider before buying up a playground set to avoid future premises liability issues caused by an injured child.

Research is critical when purchasing playground equipment. To understand whether equipment is age appropriate, parents can consult manufacturers' guides. They should also review the manufacturer to make sure they have a history of creating safe equipment. It's a good idea to check if any of their products have been recalled or deemed substandard by safety experts like ASTM and CPSC.

CPSC has a section on its website with alerts and news on playground safety, which may help in the research process. Along with this expert advice, parents should consider some common-sense questions. If a child falls off a playset, is there a soft landing like rubber mulch? What rules should apply for children playing on the playground, such as informing a parent and ensuring supervision? All this should be in place prior to installing the playground.

While some playground injuries may be unavoidable, others can be prevented through proper research and preparation. If a child is hurt on the playground, liability for the injury can depend on the nature of the injury. If the owner fails to properly supervise or maintain the equipment, premises liability may apply; if the equipment is faulty, the manufacturer may be to blame. Those facing a legal issue regarding liability in Florida should reach out to a lawyer who claims of a similar nature.

Source:, "Answers these questions before buying that playground set", May 25, 2018

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