Board Certified Attorney With Rear-End Car Accident Experience

Almost half of all two-vehicle crashes are rear end accidents. This is what was reported by the National Transportation Safety Board for the years 2012 through 2014. They also reported that rear end accidents kill approximately 1700 people per year. This means that this is a very serious and common type of accident. This can be one of the scariest types of accidents because we always assume that the traffic behind us will come to a safe stop in the crash is often completely unexpected.

Here is the typical situation that I have heard many of my clients describe. The traffic ahead of you comes to a stop for a red light and you safely come to a stop behind the car ahead of you. While waiting for the light to turn green, you suddenly feel yourself violently thrown forward and hear a horrible crashing sound. It is so sudden and traumatic that initially you do not understand what is happening. When everything comes to a stop, you realize that you are in a lot of pain and you that you were rear ended by a car that never came to a stop.

Many of these accidents are caused by drivers who are not paying attention. When I question these drivers at depositions, they give a number of reasons for being distracted. Some people dropped something on the floorboard of their car, and they reached down to pick it up, taking their eyes off the road. Many people focus on their phone, looking at the screen to place a call or read a text. Some people get wrapped up in a conversation with passengers in their car. Some people admit that they were driving way too fast and did not realize that the traffic ahead had come to a stop until it was too late. Some people do not provide an explanation, and simply say that they took their eyes off the road.

For many of my clients, the accident does not end after being hit from behind. Often, there is enough force to push your vehicle forward, causing an additional collision. Some people are pushed ahead into the car in front of them in with enough force this can become a three or four car accident, as each car is pushed ahead into the car in front of them. The scariest situation is where the first collision is so violent that your car is thrown into oncoming traffic.

Although it seems pretty straightforward to figure out who is at fault for these kinds of accidents, the law allows for a couple of exceptions to the general rule. For that reason, it is important to talk to an attorney who has handled these types of cases and can help you analyze your case. If you were injured in a rear-end accident, please contact me at 352-204-0202 or by email for a free review of your case.