More than 450,000 school buses transport children back and forth from school each day. Though school buses are seen as a relatively safe way to travel, most don’t offer seat belts or other safety measures. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 134 people die in school-vehicle-related crashes each year, including those on the school bus, pedestrians, bicyclists, and people in other vehicles.

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Causes Of School Bus Accidents

Although Florida is one of only five states that implements safety belt requirements for school buses, injuries continue to occur when school buses crash with other cars or when children become injured while getting on or off the bus. School bus accidents can be caused by multiple factors, including the following.

  • Driver Negligence
  • Defective Products
  • Dangerous Roadways
  • Weather Conditions
  • Improper Maintenance
  • Overloading
  • Speeding
  • Inadequate Bus Driver Training

Common Children’s Injuries From A School Bus Accident

Children’s injuries that occur due to a school bus accident are often severe and might require medical attention right away, along with extensive therapy. Some of the more common children’s injuries from a school bus accident include the following.

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Head Injuries
  • Spine Injuries
  • Cuts & Bruises
  • Burns
  • Fractured Bones
  • Internal Injuries
  • Amputations

What To Do After A School Bus Accident

When a child is involved in a school bus accident, it’s crucial to take action right away and know what to do. And while kids are often the victims of these types of wrecks, pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vehicles’ drivers are likewise at risk. After a school bus accident, take the following steps.

  • Seek medical attention. Even if it seems as though the child has only minor injuries, it’s crucial to receive medical attention right away. Some injuries might not surface until a day or two after the accident.
  • Document all injuries. Following the accident, take pictures and videos of all injuries and damage to other vehicles.
  • Keep detailed records. Keep and maintain all paperwork you receive from the hospital, doctors, and police officers on the scene.
  • Gather necessary information. Depending on the severity of the school bus accident, obtain phone numbers and addresses from other victims, drivers, and witnesses if possible.
  • Contact an experienced child injury lawyer. Contact an experienced school bus accident lawyer with The Galione Law Firm, P.A., as soon as possible. In doing so, your only focus will be on healing or helping your child to heal.

Who Is Liable If My Child Is Injured In A School Bus Accident?

Determining liability after a school bus accident falls on a few different factors, including the circumstances surrounding the accident, when and where the accident occurred, possible other vehicles, any alcohol or drugs, ignored safety measures, and technical problems with the bus. A well-versed child injury lawyer is best suited to help you figure out liability after a school bus accident when your child is injured.

The parties responsible for a school bus accident could include the school, the bus company, bus, and part manufacturers, other drivers, municipalities, private property owners, and pharmaceutical manufacturers, among other liable parties. Get in touch with us to learn more about who could be liable in a school bus accident that injured your child.

How Can A Child Injury Lawyer Help Me?

When a child is injured in an accident, the time after can become a blur. We are here to help you during this difficult time by fighting for you. Our experienced attorneys are here when you need them most and provide excellent service when you need it. Oftentimes, determining liability for your child’s injuries is a complicated matter — trust The Galione Law Firm, P.A., to help with the details and get you and your family the compensation you deserve. Don’t wait — contact us today to schedule an appointment to take the first step.