Fighting For Families Impacted By Children’s Injuries

Lawsuits related to children's injuries are especially sensitive, as catastrophic injuries can permanently alter a child's future, impact their physical and mental potential, and impose life-long care needs for them and their families.

I am attorney Bill Galione, and my firm, The Galione Law Firm, P.A., focuses on representing plaintiffs in lawsuits that involve personal injuries to children. I am sensitive to the developmental needs and special considerations that are due to clients who are minors.

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Recovering Compensation For Many Types of Injuries

As your child's personal injury lawyer, I will examine the details of your case carefully and provide a frank assessment of what your recovery and settlement situation may look like in the state of Florida. My firm represents personal injury clients who have been harmed through a number of different means, including:

  • Animal bites
  • Auto accidents
  • Bike accidents
  • Moped/scooter accidents
  • Premises liability, including playground accidents
  • Dangerous toys and play equipment
  • Birth injuries resulting from pediatric malpractice

Additionally, my firm represents plaintiffs in civil lawsuits to recover damages for injuries caused by child abuse and neglect.

My Approach To Representing Children's Injury Clients

I am a father myself, and I know from raising my five children that kids often suffer injuries due to their lack of physical or mental maturity. However, I also know that those who care for children are responsible for protecting them from catastrophic harm, and I will stand up for the rights of your children when an individual or organization has failed to meet that responsibility.

My goal as your attorney is to relieve you of worry about legal strategies for recovering the funds to help your child heal, so that you may focus on taking care of your family. I will evaluate your legal options and strive to protect your injured child from stressful situations, such as providing depositions, when that is possible.

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